On 6th June we started resetting the Net.

Resetting the Net is not only about telling others what to do, it's about reminding ourselves what needs to be done. Today, we will show you what aykit is doing to fix the net. The next hours, we will focus on one project after another and show you our view of how to Reset the Net.

We start with basic principals we all should remind ourselves of:

  1. It's the web-developers duty to push security, not the user's. See a statement by aykit-member Malte Fiala.
  2. Open Source is not only a political choice. In terms of security, it's the only choice.
  3. The Internet belongs to all of us. That is what we have to remind our colleagues, friends, family and neighbours of. And that's what politicians have to hear over and over again. The Internet is not owned by big comanies alone. It's owned by every producer and consumer all around the world. We all make the Internet happen.

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